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About the Conference


CREDIBLE: Learn from respected organizations such as ACTE, Advance CTE, ITEEA & more

ACCESSIBLE: Recorded, available and convenient so you can visit when it works with your schedule

RELEVANT: Things you need to know, including funding updates, job markets and adaptations for remote learning

TIMELY: Critical, urgent details on CTE changes for the post-COVID landscape

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About Paxton/Patterson


PAXTON/PATTERSON specializes in immersive CTE labs that combine remote-learning accessible curriculum and physical instructional components in a rotational model that mimics a job site. You may also know us from our long history of providing tools for schools.

We know you need support at a time like this and have reached out to our vast network of colleagues to bring you the Virtual CTE Conference at no cost

See our labs in action here, or connect with your Educational Consultant here to see if we can help you achieve your goals for your middle school or high school CTE programs.

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